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Posted in Hepatitis B and Liver Cancer, Of Interest, Personal Actions by missamyyu on July 18, 2009

Hello Everyone,

Another milestone event occurred today, though this one may seem trivial to some: I purchased my first wedding gift for my colleague who is getting married today (July 18th)!  Congrats to MB and MB!  I purchased a stainless steel step trash can from Bath, Bed, and Beyond.  First purchase at that store, too.  I know, the present isn’t glamorous, but I feel it is definitely something practical that will come in handy.  It’s a strange feeling realizing that I’m beginning to approach the age where my peers are going to be settling down with life partners and starting families.  Many of my Texas friends and schoolmates have already done so, but I suppose it has only began to sink in as those who are immediately arround me hit a big milestone in their lives.  However, I feel that for me, marriage and beginning my own family are still quite a bit off (but what’s a bit?  four years? five?) especially since my career has yet to be established and developed.  I begin to feel the signs of a headache if I think of the years ahead of me in medicine and needing to place other aspects of my life on “hold.”  We’ll see how it all turns out, and in the mean time, well, I’ll just do my best. 🙂

Made a site visit to a Korean Church today with one of my interns, and made good progress in terms of visualizing the lay out of the hepatitis B education and screening seminar.  One thing that I’ve learned as Outreach Coordinator is the incredible importance of doing on-site visits and walking through the event.  Each site is completely different regardless how many times I’ve done these types of events, and these visits are so important in conceptualizing flow and ensuring that the day-of details are worked out well.

99 Ranch Market Staff with the "Join In" button

99 Ranch Market Staff with the "Join In" button

On the way back from the site visit, dropped by 99 Ranch Market in Milpitas and got lunch, and was happily surprised to see the cash register folks and managerial staff wearing our “Join In” buttons.  I took a picture of a register staff (sorry, had to doctor the picture to protect the privacy of the individual), and look how well the button pops on the red vest!  They also had the signs up promoting the reusable bag, so hopefully people will begin to think about getting them.  The real idea behind the campaign is to raise awareness, not to make any money, so hopefully this will help to promote awareness!  I know I’ve belaboured the point in many of my posts and twitters, but I must say how excited I am about the press conference kick-off for these bags next Friday, July 24th at the 99 Ranch Market in Cupertino, CA.  It’ll begin at 3 PM, so if you’re free, please come out and support the cause!  The first 100 people to purchase $50 or more in groceries get a free Jade Ribbon reusable bag (and they are SUPER useful) and Miss Asian America and many other beauty queens will be there.  Plus, you can meet my great interns.

Speaking of Miss Asian America, I’ll be attending their press conference in SF tomorrow afternoon.  The director of the pageant has been very kind and has supported the Jade Ribbon Campaign for over 5 years and has always asked her contestants to support the campaign, too.  The ladies will be wearing the Jade Ribbon during the event tomorrow, and I’ll be also personally inviting them to the 99 Ranch Market press conference next week. Tomorrow I’ll be utilizing the Caltrain system, so wish me luck with public transportation!

Alright, enough about work.  some good friends are descending upon the Bay Area beginning this weekend, and I’m looking forward to catching up with them (albeit, I have to admit, work is going to take away quite a bit of time from having the opportunity to truly hang out).  As many of my college friends are leaving the Bay Area, it makes seeing them on visits all the more special.

A thing of interest today for all those neurobiology nerds out there: http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-sci-gage16-2009jul16,0,6843461.story.  Apparently they found a daguerreotype of Phineas Gage who survived after having a nearly 4ft rod go through his head.  Of course, his personality did change afterwards due to damage to his brain, but the fact that he survived for 11  years after the incident was amazing.  Thank you to SL for sending that to me and all the old neurobio study group folks.  Brings back good memories!

Thanks, as always, for reading.



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