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Club 23 and a Call to Action

Posted in Hepatitis B and Liver Cancer by missamyyu on July 22, 2009


First and foremost: welcome to the Club 23, SLC and GK. 🙂

Two posts today to make up for the lack of updates yesterday!  I’m currently in my Web 2.0 class learning about wikis and the next topic is about a social media tool called brickfish.  Today’s class is not as applicable as other classes, but it is still nice to learn about these various platforms.

My to-do list just keeps on growing and growing, and I feel that the amount of “have-dones” just aren’t keeping up.  Post-notes make up a colorful melee of now illegible text all over my desk and monitor and my excel to-do list glares more reds (not done) than greens (finished).  Youth Leadership Conference is in 16 days and there is still SO much to do!  I just need more time to work on the handbook with CL.  Really – where does the time go?  However, the 99 Ranch Market / Jade Ribbon reusable bag are clearly on first priority this week.  There is so much work involved with contacting media, developing the programming, and being patient and persistent.  I am very grateful for the interest and support that the ethnic media has shown, and I look forward to seeing them out in Cupertino on Friday.  One cool note, we’re in the Korea Times: http://sf.koreatimes.com/article/537062

I’ll be heading to Google San Bruno tomorrow as the ALC’s third venture to increase awareness about hepatitis B and liver cancer in their employee network.  It’s the YouTube site, so I’m excited to see what the demographics that are there.

Learned today that TT got engaged, so that was super exciting!  Congratulations to her and her fiancé!  TT has been a strong supporter and advocate for hep B and liver cancer in the Bay Area Vietnamese community, and I’m happy for this next stage in her life.

Had lunch today with GH and EN at the Clark Center.  It was great being able to steal away from work for a moment in the day to reminisce about college years and friendships.  One particularly notable happenstance was when we all got different dishes and immediately began to portion them into thirds so we could all share.  How I love friends, especially those who are like-minded!  It was good seeing GH; her contagious enthusiasm and energy always brightens my day.  And I learned the EN was also accepted into the Berkeley post-bacc program!  Congratulations to him!  🙂  This piece of knowledge, apparently old news, reminds me that I need to redouble my efforts to connect with my good friends.  I admit, that I have dropped off the face of the earth due to work and applications.  Sorry about that!  RN and I were briefly discussing the difficulty with balancing life and work, especially for workaholics like us.  If anyone has any suggestions on how to do this, do let me know.

And to end today’s post, I do have some sobering, but important news: today at noon Commander Bok Pon died due to liver cancer induced by hepatitis B.  He was a very big figure in the SF Chinese community, and many people will miss him.  This is just another reminder that hepatitis B is still a very real and very deadly disease.  In fact, every 30 seconds, someone dies of liver failure  / liver cancer caused by hep B, and I strongly believe that by outreaching and educating our friends and family (even if it’s just talking to one person), we can prevent such needless suffering.

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  1. Jameson said, on July 22, 2009 at 11:29 am

    Haha oh YLC – have fun with that craziness

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