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Filipino Hepatitis B Outreach | YLC

Posted in Hepatitis B and Liver Cancer, Uncategorized by missamyyu on July 28, 2009

Hi Everyone,

Quick morning update: On of my interns NT has been working hard with hepatitis B outreach education in the Filipino community, and she was able to get an article written on GMANews.TV, a prominent Filipino news community, to write an article on hepatitis B. It’s great! And I really like the little green box summary on the right. Great job, NT!

I’ll be working on YLC with CL today – one week until YLC!!!!  Crazy!  Exciting, but slightly overwhelming.

On the off note, ST is making me a Jade Ribbon dress, and I’m very excited about this mini project.  Can’t wait to see it!

I think my future posts (at least for the following two weeks) will be on the shorter side as my life is being completely taken over by YLC.  Apologies for the brevity.

And one last shout out to DJS for coming up to the Bay Area and filming DCK 2.  Sorry that I couldn’t hang out very much, but I did enjoy seeing you, and you certainly have a talent for film making.  🙂  Good luck at H-town and I’ll come out and visit once we hire the new Outreach Coordinator.



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