Quiet Determination in Action

Hoping for a system of prevention

Posted in Of Interest by missamyyu on July 28, 2009

Was feeling that I hadn’t been keeping up with the news (last thing that I did that was remotely connected to the world was listening to the Sotomayor Senate hearings on NPR), and was scouring NYtimes.com and WSJ.com, and came across this article that I had flagged to read last week: an article on the Koh brothers and their rise to the capitol.  I liked the article for several reasons.

1) It’s really exciting for me to see Asians taking a more prominent role in the political/public forum.

2) I enjoyed reading about the successes of immigrant parents’ children and how they not only got their top-tiered education to make their parents proud, but to effect real change in the world.  I really liked this line from the Koh parents: “It’s one thing to get a great education and do well in school, but it’s not important if you can’t ultimately use it to help other people.”

3) I found the last quote particularly inspiring:  “Maybe the biggest challenge is taking a [system] which is focused almost purely on treatment, and transforming it into an effective system of prevention,” [Howard Koh] says.”


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