Quiet Determination in Action

Details in the Fabric

Posted in Uncategorized by missamyyu on August 3, 2009

Hello Everyone!

I guess this trend of apologizing will continue as long as Youth Leadership Conference looms closer and closer (this Wednesday!).  However, as I’ve also been told not to apologize so much, I’ll stop, and hope you’ll bear with me while my entries are intermittent and brief. 

The past week has been a blur of trying to catch up for Youth Leadership Conference.  Spent a good two days to get the handbook together.  Big thanks to CL and SC for staying in the office with me into the twighlight hours.  Actually had a bit of a health scare on Friday (if you’re curious, ask me), and was sent home with the order to drink large amounts of gatorade, sleep, and take vitamins.  Gave me some perspective that I need to be reminded of often: Depite my will to move forward without regard to my limits, sometimes, I do more damage than if I just listened to my body in the first place. 

Am currently reading Blink, and enjoying the first couple of pages I’ve had the opportunity to read.  It’s so nice to be able to pull a book out of my purse every so often.  Took care of some secondary work on Saturday during the day (made a spreadsheet so I can formulate an appropriate attack plan… when I have the time to do so).  Had a lovely evening with the med school crew – got to jam on some songs, and I’ve missed that.  I’m now rather enamoured with a song called “Details in the Fabric,” introduced to me by SC.  I am such a sucker for Jason Mraz songs.   Hopefully, one day, I’ll be able to sing this song with someone.

For the anime lovers out there (yes, I’m an incredibly nerdy person!), CT and I have been glued to one called Code Geass.  This story is rife with irony, and I love it.

MB, SW, and I are intending to start an ENFJ club.  Well, perhaps it’s just me, but I think it’s interesting how the three of us are Idealist Teachers.  I’ll let you know if anything interesting comes of this.

Had some good talks with old college friends this past weekend.  And I completely failed my old high school friend JL – SO sorry I missed you during your visit to the Bay Area!  Just speaking with all these good friends have made it all the more clear how divergent our paths are as we continue upon our respective journeys.  But I don’t speak with a bitter or nostalgic tone; in fact, I speak with a tone of wonder and curiousity.  I’m looking forward to the tapestry we create ten years down the line.  I hope it’s as brilliant and beautiful that it has been thus far.

Alright, back to hammering out the logistics for Youth Leadership Conference!!   Adieu!



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