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Posted in Uncategorized by missamyyu on August 4, 2009


Hm… seems like former President Clinton went to North Korea to negotiate for the two reporters who were captured and sentenced to 12 years hard labor.  I’m interested in seeing how this will unfold, and what broader issues (read: nuclear missiles) will be broached, if at all.  Correct me if I’m wrong (as I’m not always very updated with the world), but I’m surprised that Al Gore hasn’t made a more public statement / more aggressive action to secure the return of the reporters for the station that he supports.  Although, I do concede that there are certainly political reasons that he would choose not to do so.  Musings for another day!

Interesting NYtimes article on national well-being measured via song lyrics and blog content.  The article is here.  Not sure if I buy it, but it’s a good piece of thought material.  It definitely is rather interesting that we now have this wealth of mass writing that we can see what the masses are thinking, feeling, and expressing.    I recall the days when I would write on my looseleaf lined school paper the thoughts that would stream through my mind when I was in middle school.  The box full of my poetry still sits in a dusty corner of my room back home.  Most have never been laid bare to the world at large, and if I did, they were under an alias.  Maybe, I’ll go dig some up and share in one of these posts.  ::laughs:: Oh the day of angst!

Alright, time to return to work in earnest.  Youth Leadership Conference is approaching quite quickly – Wednesday is the day that the students arrive, and there are still some various logistical things to wrap up.  Today (Tuesday) is the big run through with interns and the JRYC to go over the nitty gritty of team challenge, role play, and responsibilities.  I am extremely excited for this year’s conference content.  It’s focused on Web 2.0 and has a business-like edge to it, which I think is a fantastic outlook for advancing education awareness about health issues.  We have to market health concerns so that people listen.  Can you give an elevator pitch about hepatitis B?  or any issue you care about?  Hopefully that will be one of the many, many lessons that the students will learn over the four days that they are with us.

And then there is Miss Asian America Pageant this Saturday!  I’m excited about that and seeing a lot of old friends. 🙂

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