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Youth Leadership Conference, Here We Come!

Posted in Hepatitis B and Liver Cancer by missamyyu on August 5, 2009


The Asian Liver Center’s 7th Annual Youth Leadership Conference on Asian and Pacific Islander Health begins in roughly 12 hours!  Months of preparation and late nights in the office are going to come to fruition when 105 students from across the nation congregate at Okada Lawn tomorrow afternoon.  Very exciting!

We have a STELLAR lineup of speakers this year that range from Michael Chen, President and CEO of Global Communication, Media, and Entertainment at General Electric Capital to Bill Imada, Founder of the IW Group, Inc.  We also have Beth Kanter, visting scholar at the Packard Foundation to speak about how non-profits can utilize social media to advance their cause and message, and speakers from the Stanford’s Career Development Center and Center for Teaching and Learning!  Vice Dean Stevenson form the Stanford School of Medicine and Michael Elgarico from the Stanford Office of Undergraduate Admissions will be welcoming our students tomorrow.  And last, but certainly not least, ABC7 Anchorman and hepatitis B advocate Alan Wang will be helping us close our conference and pass awards to the winning teams!  The staff, interns, and students are INCREDIBLY excited about these speakers, and I’m really looking forward to hearing them share their experiences and insight!

The interns, Jade Ribbon Youth Council, and I had a 4.5 hour marathon training session today.  It was good to have everyone there to go over logistics – hopefully it was helpful for Team Leaders and Assistant Team Leaders to understand the broader picture of logistics AND get in depth explanation about the Team Challenge and Role Play activity.  I can’t express how EXCITED I am about this year’s Team Challenge and the Role Play section.  I sincerely hope that the students will enjoy the challenge, and really walk away with practical skills and inspiration to do some good out in their communities.

In other non-YLC news, I’m glad to hear that Laura Ling and Euna Lee are on their way home to the U.S.  Good job, President Clinton!   I’ve yet to read the full NYTimes article on the story, but I’ll save that for a time AFTER youth conference.

Alright, I better go take out my laundry now, and head off to bed.   Tomorrow’s going to be a BIG day! 🙂



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