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Hot-lanta and CDC’s NCHCMM 2009

Posted in Hepatitis B and Liver Cancer, Of Interest by missamyyu on August 12, 2009


Currently relaxing in my hotel room at the Omni Hotel in Atlanta (Hot-lanta as it’s often endearingly called) taking care of some emails and about to begin working on secondaries again.  Just finished a morning of a poster presentation on Youth Leadership Conference – many people were interested in replicating the program for other ethnic groups, and were impressed with the workshops and skills we offer our students.  Hopefully, they can utilize our stuff (workshop slides, format, etc) to create other youth programs for teenagers across the nation!  I even ran out of handouts for my poster!

AG finished a great (and very fast) presentation on the Jade Ribbon Campaign in a panel presentation.  I really liked SC’s suggestion about presenting the Jade Ribbon Campaign via the gaps that were identified concerning hepatitis B awareness and education.  The panel itself was really enjoyable, and one common theme that ran across all the presentations is the necessity of making sure that the community is highly involved in any health initiative that is going to be done successfully.  Partnering is so incredibly important to make anything truly effective and impactful.  The point of my job isn’t to just educate and stand on my soap box, it’s to engage and initiate behavior change.  I hope I carry this lesson into my career as a physician (::has fingers crossed::).

Also watched an interesting bit of news on CNN last night: there was a poll of North Carolina’s residents that weren’t sure if Obama was born in the United States.  I was rather flabbergasted because I would hope that most Americans would know that in order to be President of the United States of America, you need to have been born in the US.  I hate to make stereotypes, but I wonder if the reason for the “confusion” is resultant of Obama’s race and his father’s ties to Islam (correct me if I’m wrong).  It was both humorous and frustrating at the same time, and the fact that I’m still thinking about it indicates that something about it just rubs me the wrong way. What do you think?

I haven’t been keeping abreast of the healthcare reform situation; however, I certainly saw many explosive town hall meetings being covered last night.   Now that YLC is over and other things are quieting down (well, when do things at the ALC ever quiet down?), I can get back on track with my news.  I found a little primer on NYtimes that may be useful for those of you who are equally confused by the coverage.  For those of you who are well-versed, drop me a line to let me know if the primer is any good or if you’d like to share your opinions.  I’m not certain if I’m for or against the new plan, but I’m certan things need to change.  Too bad that doesn’t translate into having a good solution.

And here’s a little piece for all you procrastinators out there about a fast clock for your menu bar from Guy Kawasaki.  Haha.

To end, here is something cute to look at for your enjoyment.  Check out the juice boxes and hamburger, too.  Thanks to SL for that link!

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