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Posted in Hepatitis B and Liver Cancer, Of Interest by missamyyu on August 14, 2009

Hi Everyone,

Returned to work at the ALC today – it’s a little strange to come back to the office on a Friday having been out the entire week.   Seems like the week just started.  Taking care of some post-YLC things.  Can’t wait to see the results from the pre and post surveys from the students.  I enjoyed reading through the intern and JRYC feedback; it was very helpful to read through everyone’s candid take on how YLC was organized.  I think the conference is getting better and better each year, and I can’t wait to see what will happen at the 8th Annual YLC.

Here’s me at the CDC’s 3rd Annual National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing, and Media in front of my poster on the YLC. As mentioned in my previous post, many people were interested in replicating the program, so if you would like to see any of our materials, let me know.  We are more than happy to share!

Me in front of my poster on Youth Leadership Conference.

Me in front of my poster on Youth Leadership Conference.

I’ll post up pictures from YLC when I get PD’s cd of photos.  We have some from our own camera, but alas, we’re not the best photographers.  I’ll try and sift through some of them and post them soon.  I’m really excited to share all the great speakers, challenges, and everything with all of you.  I have some neat ideas for next year too – which include having a webinar that is open to everyone around the world, a blogging post at the end of the day, and live recording of students’ thoughts – so we’ll see where that goes.

In other news, I’m helping EC with a lung cancer survey that will be distributed via mail.  My job is to make this brochure look pretty and inviting so that people open it.  I’m uncertain about the success of the project in terms of people actually filling it out, but hopefully I can create something that will attract people’s attention!  Once it’s created, I’ll post it, and perhaps people can give me feedback.

Got a good stargazing tool from DH. It helps stargazers with forecasts of the night sky.  What a gem!  For those of you who are in the Stanford area, good places to go for stargazing include: FootHills Park, Stanford Observatory, Monte Bello, and Skyline. 🙂  Can’t wait to go on another night hike.  ::sigh:: DH, SL – you need to come back!

I realize that I didn’t say anything about Miss Asian America Pageant 2009!  It was a great event, and we were able to raise $1700+ for the Jade Ribbon Campaign.  ST made me a Jade Ribbon dress (I still have yet to get a picture of me wearing it!), and it was a HUGE hit.  RL and the MAA 2008 Queen and court were helpful with encouraging pageant attendees to support the Jade Ribbon Campaign.  I even had a chance to speak with the Sugar Bowl Bakery CEO and his wife again!  They are incredibly sweet (no pun intended!).   CT, SW, and DC were very helpful, and I’m very indebted to them for coming out to help.  The entire experience was pretty tiring since I literally ran from the end of YLC to MAA, but I’m glad I went.   Will post pictures when I get them.

Thanks for reading!



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