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Classical Music and Filipino Hepatitis B Outreach

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I’m going to try to organize my posts so that those of you who read it can skip to the sections that you wish to read.  Hope you find this helpful!

Hepatitis B Outreach
Today I spoke at Our Lady Mercy Church in Daly City with parishoners about hepatitis B and liver cancer.  Usually SC gives these talks, so it was a new experience.  I usually do volunteer training or small group education, so this was exciting for me.  NT and I will need to sit down and rethink how to drive more people to the event since the turnout was less than we had expected, especially with pastor encouragment and a large placement in the bulletin.   One thing we didn’t have going for us was the location of the education / screening.   Location is so key.   Hopefully we can partner with an organization so we can offer light refreshments – people are always attracted to food!   On a separate note, I’m really proud of NT and TC, they’re working very hard to spearhead our outreach into the Filipino and Korean communities, and it’s great.   Hopefully I can nudge them to be more interactive with the participants and volunteers since it really is their show, and everyone is really looking to them to set the tone for how they should act and how comfortable they feel.  Additionally, I’m looking forward to UP’s events in September for the Vietnamese community, and having her see her work come to fruition.

Also had a chance to chat with three YLC 2009 alumni, and it was really heartening to hear of their enthusiasm to start a high school club in Davis, CA.  How exciting!  Youth are fantastic.

I also can’t believe summer internships are ending soon!  How sad!  I will definitely miss this intern group.

Jade Ribbon Campaign & Omnomnom Time
After I had the chance to eat lumpias from Goldilocks (a well-known Filipino food place), I went in search of it; however, I was thrawted because I did not have an exact address and I was sans phone.  However, I did stumble upon Daly City’s 99 Ranch Market and decided to grab some groceries and dinner there.  As I was there, I bought a Jade Ribbon Bag (yes, I know, I’m blantantly trying to promote the campaign) and it was super useful for the groceries I bought.  It was neat, because when I was at Shang Kee Bakery, I placed the buns and egg tarts I got there into the bag, and a lady was eyeing how much I could fit in there.  Hopefully she gets one too!  The Jade Ribbon reusable bag sale is ending on Aug. 31st, so I need to think of another way to push so people buy in to the idea of using a sustainable bag. If you have any thoughts, let me know.

Of Personal Interest
There are two very neat things I’d like to share with you.  One is about logo branding, and the other is about coffee cup art.

What’s in a Logo?:  This is an article from Fortune that explores twelve companies’ redesigned logos and evaluates them.  I found this pretty interesting considering most of the brands that they evaluate are those of familiar companies. The ones that especially caught me were Apple’s – I’m really glad they changed their logo to the sleek bitten apple they have now, and not the graphic of Newton with the apple precariously perched on the tree above him – and Tropicana’s

Tropicana's Recognizable Design and it's "New" Design

Tropicana's Recognizable Design and it's "New" Design

The reason that Tropicana’s caught my eye is that I remember a couple months ago (or was it a year ago…) when I saw their new design (the one with the glass of orange juice) and thought it was a generic brand.  I was really unsettled by the sudden change from the orange with a straw in it to this rather plain design.  The change was so radical, that consumers (much more vocal than my personal confusion) complained, and Tropicana went back to it’s original design. Interesting how people become attached to particular brands and designs.

Coffee Cup Art: this is really neat.  An artist draws his pieces on styrofoam coffee cups.  I especially like the pointillism pieces!  If you check this out, make sure to use the slideshow feature because you can get the full 360 degree effect of the art on the coffee cup.

Alright, that’s all from me today.  Time to get working on secondaries.   Thanks for reading!



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