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Filipino Livers and Application Madness

Posted in Uncategorized by missamyyu on August 16, 2009


Been working busily on medical school applications.  The Texas application is so tedious!  I’m looking forward to really diving into secondaries.  UCLA’s are due on 9/14 – yikes!  I’m really grateful that I can transition to my new ALC position soon.

Currently working on adapting SC’s slides so they are appropriate for the Filipino community.  NT is heading up a hepatitis B education and screening at Our Lady of Mercy Church in Daly City tomorrow, and I’ll be providing the education piece since SC is out of town.  Exciting!  This is our first physical venture into the Filipino community, and I’m looking forward to seeing how things go and interested in what we learn about how to bring hepatitis B education to the Filipino community.

Worked on a Twitter background for my page, but clearly didn’t think about monitor size dimensions, so will need to fix that when I get back to the office (once I go home and wipe my laptop that is infested with viruses, I’ll load photoshop again!  and then there is no stopping me!).  It’s pretty neat – too bad lots of people can’t see it!

And, I have began to understand the wonders of GoogleReader!  🙂  Try it out, if you haven’t.

Saw Ponyo last night – it was super cute!  Really enjoyed the hand-drawn animation.  Go see it if you’re looking for a refreshing summer treat.

Alright, back to practicing. Thanks for reading!



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