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Vietnamese Coalitions

Posted in Uncategorized by missamyyu on August 18, 2009

Hello Reader,

Thanks for reading today.  I cant believe it is already past mid-August!  Been trying to wade through my work email after YLC and the CDC conference – man, they don’t stop coming!  Alright, onto the good stuff:

Hepatitis B and the Jade Ribbon Campaign
The past two days have been meeting days, and I have had the opportunity to work some really great people.  Of note, today, I was invited to the Vietnamese Reach for Health Coalition meeting by CW, and was impressed by the dedication and influence of many of those who were in the room.   The people there are all incredibly committed to improving the lives of those in their communities, and I really want to express how much it inspired me today to see them all in that room.  There were familiar faces, but there were many new ones, and I’m looking forward to learning more about what they do and how the ALC can partner with them to reach the Vietnamese community.

Also worked on some Jade Ribbon Campaign design ideas for a well-known Asian bakery on the west coast, so hopefully the product ideas will be inspiring to them!  Will share when things are more finalized.

Today, in the office, we took some cute pictures of our Jade Ribbon Campaign cows (we do one animal each year in accordance to the Chinese Zodiac – and this year is the ox).  I thought you’d enjoy seeing them.  They were actually inspired through a cow twitpic contest – thanks to CL and TC for rounding up the cows for these photos:

Jade Ribbon Campaign Cows and the Jade Ribbon!

Jade Ribbon Campaign Cows and the Jade Ribbon!

Jade Ribbon Campaign Cows encircling the Jade Ribbon

Jade Ribbon Campaign Cows encircling the Jade Ribbon

Disappointment with Stanford San Francisco Club
I just learned that the Stanford San Francisco Club is endorsing Jenny McCarthy’s group that says that vaccines cause autism in children.  I am just so incredibly disappointed and rather appalled that a Stanford group would endorse such a organization that touts such non-evidence based information and misinforms well-meaning parents.  More on this tomorrow.  I’m a little too tired to express things coherently. Also – if you’re a felow Stanford alumn, and would like to hear more and are interested in what you can do, let me know.

Thank you for reading!



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