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Flight Delay: Disgruntlement and Daylight

Posted in Uncategorized by missamyyu on October 12, 2009

Good morning world,

Currently sitting in a crowded and congested terminal at SJC waiting for my Delta flight to Minneapolis. My flight was scheduled for 6:36 AM, but on my way to the airport this morning at 5 AM (thanks, CT), I received a call from Delta’s message service telling me that my flight had been moved to 8:00 AM.  Great. Could have slept for thirty more glorious minutes. I’m not a huge fan of SJC (when I have the option of SFO), but when I arrived, the check in area is a complete mess with the check-in kiosks hidden behind a large gaggle of passengers waiting to check in their bags. It was a bit hilarious considering that Delta only had 3-4 stations open and roughly 50 people waiting in line whereas the other airlines had barely any people.  Goes to show that people are definitely interested in flying Delta. Now I’m at the terminal and if only I could capture the sea of disgruntled faces and record the angry phone calls and conversations. I don’t know why, but I feel this is an effect of the SJC airport.  When I fly at SFO, I don’t have this problem.

What’s even better is that I have received 6 phone calls regarding the constant changes in times for my flight.  It went from 8 AM to 7 AM to 7:30 AM to 8 AM and other times.  I suppose that at least there is an effort to keep me updated with new information. I just overheard that another airline’s lavatories do not work, so all passengers are highly encouraged to use the restroom facilities in the airport.  And, I can’t enjoy the sunrise because of blackened windows.  Note to self: Should’ve gone with the SFO option – this is what I get for trying to be thrifty.

Enough with my morning, and onto more pertinent updates. It’s become a pattern that I apologize for my absence, so I’ll explain what I’ve been up to and why I’ve been away from blogging and microblogging (huge apology for my delay in response).  After a bout of being ill, work took over my life along with medical school applications. It’s been rather stressful trying to finish my secondaries for medical school and work full time with weekend events.  The new outreach coordinator recently started, so things should quiet down (I think I’ve already said this before…), but hopefully within the next month or two, I can really have more time for other things in my life.  So apologies about the delay and I haven’t given up on blogging or social media.

Pink Month
As most of you are aware, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the shelves of local grocery stores and pharmacies are covered in the pink ribbon. Now, airports are, too. When I walked in this morning to stand in the Delta check-in area, I was surprised by the pink balloons, pink ribbons, pink banner, and pink shirts.  I took a couple of pictures and will upload when I return from Philly.  I think it’s great that Delta has made an effort to raise awareness about breast cancer amongst its employees and its consumers.  They even have a pink plane!

It’s interesting this concept of cause-marketing.  I understand it’s purpose and I am definitely for breast cancer research and awareness and building communities of support, but in some sense, I have become a little bit [Side note, my flight is now changed to 8:20 AM due to snow in Minneapolis] wary of this flood of pink.  Here’s an article called “Sick of Pink” from the Boston Globe that one of my interns sent me that gave me a different perspective on Pink month. While I’m not against all the pink items, I suppose the article sobered me a bit regarding cause-marketing.  As a proponent of large-scale awareness, I really think it’s a great advancement to educate and normalize cancer awareness issues, but I have honestly never thought about the perspective presented in the article.

Hopefully I’ll make it to Philadelphia today (where I’m co-moderating a panel at the National Business Group on Health conference).  Until then, take care.


Edit: I will give SJC one thing: Free Wifi.  This fact alone has made my morning bearable.


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