Quiet Determination in Action

About Amy Yu

I work for the Asian Liver at Stanford University, the first non-profit that focuses on raising awareness about hepatitis B and liver cancer in the Asian and Asian American community.  I’m very passionate about driving hepatitis B awareness, and hope that you will be interested in joining me in raising awareness about liver cancer and hepatitis B.  This is my personal blog of my experience working at the ALC, so these thoughts are my own and are not necessarily reflective of the Asian Liver Center or Stanford University.

I served as Outreach Coordinator from April 2008-August 2009, and am currently beginning my next iteration working with multinational corporations to institute hep B awareness and policies to protect employees.

I am a Stanford graduate, and I enjoy singing, social dance, stargazing, social media, and meeting new people.

The title of this blog comes from a quote from Ban Ki Moon about his style of leadership that I found resonating: ”But the modesty is about demeanor,” he said, ”not about vision and goals. It does not mean the lack of commitment or leadership. Rather it is quiet determination in action to get things done without so much fanfare.”

Thank you for reading, and I hope you take away something to keep you thinking and engaged with the world.



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