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A new approach to news

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Hi Readers!

Currently chillin’ at my favorite downtown university bookstore reading the new book by Stanford alum Brian Eule…


In other news, ran across a neat tool by Google called “Living Stories” that is in partnership with New York Times and Washington Post.  It’s pretty exciting, and I really like the timeline that they provide you with all the articles that have been written on a particular topic!  One example of its uses is helping to navigate the health care reform and all the various issues that are being debated and discussed.  Go check it out!

Speaking of health care reform, I’m interested to see what the Democrats’ have come up to alter the idea of a public option. Overall, I can’t wait to see more specifics and less divisive battling between the two parties.

While I am a proponent of making sure that American citizens have access to health care to improve the livelihood of their health and those of their loved ones, I don’t know if a public option is necessarily the correct option.  I understand that one of the argued benefits of having a public option will be offering a competitive piece to the health insurance market, but will it really help drive costs down for individuals, small businesses, and employers? Will it make it more compelling for people to utilize the healthcare that they will have?  From personal experience, I know that there are individuals who don’t utilize their health care access because of either cultural beliefs, not wanting to “waste” money on something they can tough out, or because they just don’t quite understand what options they do have and how it is applicable to their health.

And where will we get doctors to care for all the people who will soon have insurance? I think we need to expand our healthcare support staff (PAs, NPs, etc.) to make sure that quality care is given to folks in the future.  And another thing that concerns me (and does not necessarily have to do with whether or not a public option is a good thing or not) since we’re speaking of health care reform is the spending that is done on unncessary tests and procedures because either a physician feels the pressure to cover her butt against law suit or the prospect of incestives OR a patient requests for tests to be done because they otherwise don’t feel that they are being thoroughly cared for.  I think a big part of health care reform that is missing from the public option, abortion, etc. debates is how we view health care and what we expect of it.  Tests and procedures aren’t always the best solutions, but they certainly are fast and provide concrete (if not necessarily necessary or better) results.  I think that there needs to be consideration on what health means, how we’ll acheive it, and what role health care and its providers play.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!



Flight Delay: Disgruntlement and Daylight

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Good morning world,

Currently sitting in a crowded and congested terminal at SJC waiting for my Delta flight to Minneapolis. My flight was scheduled for 6:36 AM, but on my way to the airport this morning at 5 AM (thanks, CT), I received a call from Delta’s message service telling me that my flight had been moved to 8:00 AM.  Great. Could have slept for thirty more glorious minutes. I’m not a huge fan of SJC (when I have the option of SFO), but when I arrived, the check in area is a complete mess with the check-in kiosks hidden behind a large gaggle of passengers waiting to check in their bags. It was a bit hilarious considering that Delta only had 3-4 stations open and roughly 50 people waiting in line whereas the other airlines had barely any people.  Goes to show that people are definitely interested in flying Delta. Now I’m at the terminal and if only I could capture the sea of disgruntled faces and record the angry phone calls and conversations. I don’t know why, but I feel this is an effect of the SJC airport.  When I fly at SFO, I don’t have this problem.

What’s even better is that I have received 6 phone calls regarding the constant changes in times for my flight.  It went from 8 AM to 7 AM to 7:30 AM to 8 AM and other times.  I suppose that at least there is an effort to keep me updated with new information. I just overheard that another airline’s lavatories do not work, so all passengers are highly encouraged to use the restroom facilities in the airport.  And, I can’t enjoy the sunrise because of blackened windows.  Note to self: Should’ve gone with the SFO option – this is what I get for trying to be thrifty.

Enough with my morning, and onto more pertinent updates. It’s become a pattern that I apologize for my absence, so I’ll explain what I’ve been up to and why I’ve been away from blogging and microblogging (huge apology for my delay in response).  After a bout of being ill, work took over my life along with medical school applications. It’s been rather stressful trying to finish my secondaries for medical school and work full time with weekend events.  The new outreach coordinator recently started, so things should quiet down (I think I’ve already said this before…), but hopefully within the next month or two, I can really have more time for other things in my life.  So apologies about the delay and I haven’t given up on blogging or social media.

Pink Month
As most of you are aware, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the shelves of local grocery stores and pharmacies are covered in the pink ribbon. Now, airports are, too. When I walked in this morning to stand in the Delta check-in area, I was surprised by the pink balloons, pink ribbons, pink banner, and pink shirts.  I took a couple of pictures and will upload when I return from Philly.  I think it’s great that Delta has made an effort to raise awareness about breast cancer amongst its employees and its consumers.  They even have a pink plane!

It’s interesting this concept of cause-marketing.  I understand it’s purpose and I am definitely for breast cancer research and awareness and building communities of support, but in some sense, I have become a little bit [Side note, my flight is now changed to 8:20 AM due to snow in Minneapolis] wary of this flood of pink.  Here’s an article called “Sick of Pink” from the Boston Globe that one of my interns sent me that gave me a different perspective on Pink month. While I’m not against all the pink items, I suppose the article sobered me a bit regarding cause-marketing.  As a proponent of large-scale awareness, I really think it’s a great advancement to educate and normalize cancer awareness issues, but I have honestly never thought about the perspective presented in the article.

Hopefully I’ll make it to Philadelphia today (where I’m co-moderating a panel at the National Business Group on Health conference).  Until then, take care.


Edit: I will give SJC one thing: Free Wifi.  This fact alone has made my morning bearable.

New Things

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Hepatitis B Outreach Updates

September has been an incredible whirlwind of hepatitis B outreach activities.  I’ve been out at events every weekend this month.  Finished with another Vietnamese screening (we held one in partnership with the Vietnamese Reach for Health Coalition last weekend, which was very successful!) today.  This one was held at a Vietnamese church, and it ran smoothly despite less than expected numbers attending.  However, UP did a good job setting this up and gaining the church’s buy-in, so I’m proud of her work for this summer.

In retrospect, I believe that in order for our outreach projects to be more successful, we’ll need to return to the partnered education and screenings  instead of trying to squeeze ourselves into the Sunday church schedule. Unless we have the entire church’s buy-in, it is difficult to incorporate our education and screening program.

I just heard of two new high school hepatitis B awareness groups that will be forming from students who attended our Youth Leadership Conference in August.  It makes me really excited to hear that we are able to inspire these young leaders to take action in their communities.

SF Treasure Island Dragon Boat Festival (Sept. 26 & 27th) next weekend!  Come out and enjoy the races and stop by our booth for hepatitis B education – or better yet, sign up to volunteer by contacting alcvolunteers@gmail.com

Social Media Fun
I have been fiddling with various social media tools / widgets this past week.  One of my particular favorites is the introduction of TimesPeople on NYTimes.com where I can directly tweet, facebook, digg, etc. articles that I find intriguing.  Plus, I can also recommend articles, and these articles will show up on my TimesPeople profile where those who follow me can read about my suggestions. I think this is a fantastic move for NYTimes to make the news (especially their news articles) much more accessible to others through peer dissemination. You can find me under the handle missamyyu if you ever decide to you use it.

Posterous has also been a newly acquired social media toy that I’m learning how to use. So bear with me as I test out various posterous features.

Had a fun time teaching BC about Twitter, and had a hilarious exchange about retweeting, and how retweeting only applies to those who are alive.  [Note, he’s an author, so that is how we got to talking about retweeting dead individuals like Ernest Hemingway.]

Of Interest
Tried my hand at mashed cauliflower (the healthier alternative to mashed potatoes) the other day.  Tasted pretty good despite my overuse of butter.

Also, in case you missed it, here’s an article “A Doctor for Disease, a Shaman for the Soul” from the NYTimes.com that highlights the win-win outcomes by integrating culturally sensitive programs into healthcare.

Thanks for reading,

Test #2

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Let's see if this syndication works from Posterous to my wordpress blog!

Moment of Remembrance

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Just a quick post to ask you to take a moment to honor those whose lives were taken eight years ago.

A whole buffet (to take Beth Kanter’s most recent blog entry title) of updates to come later today!


Perspective, Proposals, and PSAs

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Helped with a portion of the perinatal hepatitis B filming today – filming is definitely tiring!  I can’t wait to see the final product when it’s syndicated on television.  (The public service annoucnement (PSA) is targeted toward mothers and meant to encourage them to make sure that their child is protected against hepatitis B.)  The PSA is going to be pretty neat – but I don’t want to spoil it.  I play a small role – I’m the daughter who’s graduating, but man, even these small roles take quite a bit out of me!  Standing all day and smiling really takes work under the bright lights.  I suppose I was never made for the big screen.

Yesterday, I primarily worked on the ALC outreach plan for 2009-2010 and got some good feedback from Dr. So.  Need to re-tune the objectives of ALC outreach and focus more on broad impact projects.  It was good sitting down with Dr. So and going over the projects that are going on now and determining what is and isn’t working.  We’ll be rolling out more brochures in more Asian languages so that organizations that are working into those communities can have access to those brochures (which are completely free of charge and availble on the ALC website).  Currently looking at rolling out Hmong, Laos, and a revised version of the Tagalog brochure.  Other structural changes, but that will come with the new Outreach Coordinator (yes, we are hiring a new one, and I will be transitioning full time to corporate work – exciting!  I can’t wait to start back up on that with full force and energy.)

And just a small note about perspective: I changed where I sat yesterday, and it completely brought new things to my attention.  I think that we become too accustomed to how things work in our daily routine that we often don’t take the opportunity to look at things in a new light.  And that’s a pity! So, go sit somewhere different!

Thanks for reading.  Until next time,


Hep B PSA and Picnics

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Helped with a perinatal hep B public service announcement filming that SC and CC are heading up for their perinatal hep B project. The extent of my role was dropping off an intern and seeting up the green room for the child actors; however, despite my small role, I did enjoy seeing AD and his crew set up their filming area.  I’m excited for the PSA because it will help to encourage mothers to make sure their newborns are vaccinated against hepatitis B and educate them on why their newborn should be vaccinated.  I’ve been doing some listening online via Twitter and mommy blogs, and have found that there is a great deal of misinformation (as with many things) about the hepatitis B vaccine and its safety and necessity.  If you’d like me to go into more detail, just email me and we chat about it.

I do enjoy getting up early because I feel so accomplished by noon.  Was able to get quite a bit done today in terms of errands, and the highlight of my morning was brunching with RN at Stacks.  Had the opportunity to catch up with him, and then got a delightful presentation about the perks of the Palm Pre.  I really like the multitask capability of the Palm Pre and its ability to synergistically pull together all your data together.  One thing that I’m thinking that the iPhone has is that I can take video and pictures on it easily to upload.  Does anyone have any thoughts?  I’d love to hear them.

After brunch, RN accompanied me to get Mizuno running shoes, and the strangest thing happened: bills of money rolled down the street toward me.  Normally, if I see a dime or a penny on the street, I feel a bit of giddiness; however, with these bills, I felt a sense of dread – I couldn’t find the owners of the money, and I felt guilty for having it in my hand.  So, I decided to give it to a homeless woman; hopefully, she put it to good use and got herself some food.  Hm, I forgot to ask her her name.

Went on a picnic dinner with CT at the Oval. Our plans to hike along Foothills Park’s trails were thwarted today by the lack of evidence that we live in Palo Alto.  We will need to return so we can see the scenic sites!  On a side note, avacados are a delicious addition to any food, especially sandwiches.  And the Stanford campus is just gorgeous.  I will definitely miss it when I’m no longer here.

Looking forward to the Korean Church Screening tomorrow,


Hepatitis B Awareness Photos Up!

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Hello Everyone!

Just a quick post right now: Finally purchased a Flickr Pro account, and I’m excited to say that the Jade Ribbon Campaign Reusable Bag and Youth Leadership Conference 2009 photo albums are up!  Check them out if you’re interested.  The pictures have been post-processed, so they should look sharp and neat.  Congrats to AC, TC, and CL for learning to post process.

Thanks for reading,


Vietnamese Coalitions

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Hello Reader,

Thanks for reading today.  I cant believe it is already past mid-August!  Been trying to wade through my work email after YLC and the CDC conference – man, they don’t stop coming!  Alright, onto the good stuff:

Hepatitis B and the Jade Ribbon Campaign
The past two days have been meeting days, and I have had the opportunity to work some really great people.  Of note, today, I was invited to the Vietnamese Reach for Health Coalition meeting by CW, and was impressed by the dedication and influence of many of those who were in the room.   The people there are all incredibly committed to improving the lives of those in their communities, and I really want to express how much it inspired me today to see them all in that room.  There were familiar faces, but there were many new ones, and I’m looking forward to learning more about what they do and how the ALC can partner with them to reach the Vietnamese community.

Also worked on some Jade Ribbon Campaign design ideas for a well-known Asian bakery on the west coast, so hopefully the product ideas will be inspiring to them!  Will share when things are more finalized.

Today, in the office, we took some cute pictures of our Jade Ribbon Campaign cows (we do one animal each year in accordance to the Chinese Zodiac – and this year is the ox).  I thought you’d enjoy seeing them.  They were actually inspired through a cow twitpic contest – thanks to CL and TC for rounding up the cows for these photos:

Jade Ribbon Campaign Cows and the Jade Ribbon!

Jade Ribbon Campaign Cows and the Jade Ribbon!

Jade Ribbon Campaign Cows encircling the Jade Ribbon

Jade Ribbon Campaign Cows encircling the Jade Ribbon

Disappointment with Stanford San Francisco Club
I just learned that the Stanford San Francisco Club is endorsing Jenny McCarthy’s group that says that vaccines cause autism in children.  I am just so incredibly disappointed and rather appalled that a Stanford group would endorse such a organization that touts such non-evidence based information and misinforms well-meaning parents.  More on this tomorrow.  I’m a little too tired to express things coherently. Also – if you’re a felow Stanford alumn, and would like to hear more and are interested in what you can do, let me know.

Thank you for reading!


Classical Music and Filipino Hepatitis B Outreach

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I’m going to try to organize my posts so that those of you who read it can skip to the sections that you wish to read.  Hope you find this helpful!

Hepatitis B Outreach
Today I spoke at Our Lady Mercy Church in Daly City with parishoners about hepatitis B and liver cancer.  Usually SC gives these talks, so it was a new experience.  I usually do volunteer training or small group education, so this was exciting for me.  NT and I will need to sit down and rethink how to drive more people to the event since the turnout was less than we had expected, especially with pastor encouragment and a large placement in the bulletin.   One thing we didn’t have going for us was the location of the education / screening.   Location is so key.   Hopefully we can partner with an organization so we can offer light refreshments – people are always attracted to food!   On a separate note, I’m really proud of NT and TC, they’re working very hard to spearhead our outreach into the Filipino and Korean communities, and it’s great.   Hopefully I can nudge them to be more interactive with the participants and volunteers since it really is their show, and everyone is really looking to them to set the tone for how they should act and how comfortable they feel.  Additionally, I’m looking forward to UP’s events in September for the Vietnamese community, and having her see her work come to fruition.

Also had a chance to chat with three YLC 2009 alumni, and it was really heartening to hear of their enthusiasm to start a high school club in Davis, CA.  How exciting!  Youth are fantastic.

I also can’t believe summer internships are ending soon!  How sad!  I will definitely miss this intern group.

Jade Ribbon Campaign & Omnomnom Time
After I had the chance to eat lumpias from Goldilocks (a well-known Filipino food place), I went in search of it; however, I was thrawted because I did not have an exact address and I was sans phone.  However, I did stumble upon Daly City’s 99 Ranch Market and decided to grab some groceries and dinner there.  As I was there, I bought a Jade Ribbon Bag (yes, I know, I’m blantantly trying to promote the campaign) and it was super useful for the groceries I bought.  It was neat, because when I was at Shang Kee Bakery, I placed the buns and egg tarts I got there into the bag, and a lady was eyeing how much I could fit in there.  Hopefully she gets one too!  The Jade Ribbon reusable bag sale is ending on Aug. 31st, so I need to think of another way to push so people buy in to the idea of using a sustainable bag. If you have any thoughts, let me know.

Of Personal Interest
There are two very neat things I’d like to share with you.  One is about logo branding, and the other is about coffee cup art.

What’s in a Logo?:  This is an article from Fortune that explores twelve companies’ redesigned logos and evaluates them.  I found this pretty interesting considering most of the brands that they evaluate are those of familiar companies. The ones that especially caught me were Apple’s – I’m really glad they changed their logo to the sleek bitten apple they have now, and not the graphic of Newton with the apple precariously perched on the tree above him – and Tropicana’s

Tropicana's Recognizable Design and it's "New" Design

Tropicana's Recognizable Design and it's "New" Design

The reason that Tropicana’s caught my eye is that I remember a couple months ago (or was it a year ago…) when I saw their new design (the one with the glass of orange juice) and thought it was a generic brand.  I was really unsettled by the sudden change from the orange with a straw in it to this rather plain design.  The change was so radical, that consumers (much more vocal than my personal confusion) complained, and Tropicana went back to it’s original design. Interesting how people become attached to particular brands and designs.

Coffee Cup Art: this is really neat.  An artist draws his pieces on styrofoam coffee cups.  I especially like the pointillism pieces!  If you check this out, make sure to use the slideshow feature because you can get the full 360 degree effect of the art on the coffee cup.

Alright, that’s all from me today.  Time to get working on secondaries.   Thanks for reading!