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Returning to the World

Posted in Hepatitis B and Liver Cancer by missamyyu on September 29, 2009

After a week hiatus from social media, I am back.  Apologies about the bout of absence, illness and work took me away. So, if you emailed me within the last two weeks, I promise I will get back to you; I’m just slightly overwhelmed at this point.

Updates from the hepatitis B front: SF Treasure Island Dragon Boat Festival was this past weekend, which is always a treat. We had the opportunity to collaborate with SF Hep B Free on holding a booth and providing educational surveys to the festival attendees. Knowledge levels about hepatitis B prevalence in Asian and Pacific Islanders (1 in 10 compared to 1 in 1000 of Caucasians), transmission (only through blood), and risks (liver cancer and liver failure) were very low, indicative of increased awareness and education.  Surveys from the Filipino Fil Am Friendship Festival in Daly City also reflected poor knowledge levels and misconceptions within the Filipino population.  NT, SC, and I are working on a paper that examines the knowledge levels of the Chinese, Vietnamese, and Filipino populations, so that should be exciting.  Side note: everyone loved the Jade Warrior tattoos – I’ll upload one tomorrow.  They were such a hit.

On the youth front, the 2009-2010 Jade Ribbon Youth Council has been selected.  16 Bay Area high school students will be joining the ALC family to create innovative outreach ideas for targeting youth and learn how to be leaders in their communities.  The application was pretty stiff this year and it was difficult to choose out of roughly fifty highly qualified candidates.  Additionally, it is extremely exciting to see all the high school awareness chapters that are starting this year.  I think there are ten or more chapters that are starting from this year’s YLC alone.  And I also received an email from a YLC 2008 alumni at Vassar who is going to start a collegiate hepatitis B awareness group.  This is just one example of how these youth empowerment programs truly impact youth and stay with them. I’m very thankful I had the opportunity to play a role in such an rewarding endeavor.

And one more piece of exciting news: the ALC’s new Outreach Coordinator will be starting on Wednesday! I can now officially start full force on the corporate outreach work.  Exciting!

I also saw a mother carrying the Jade Ribbon Campaign reusable shopping bag at the Caltrain Station at Milbrae this past Saturday.  I almost took out the camera to snap pictures of her, but stopped myself less I appear inappropriate.  However, CL did come up with a neat idea: “Where have you seen the JRC reusable shopping bag” contest.  Definitely has merit and will continue ruminating on this idea for the future.

Thank you for reading!



Join Us! Jade Ribbon Campaign reusable bag

Posted in Hepatitis B and Liver Cancer by missamyyu on July 23, 2009

Hello Everyone!

The ALC staff and interns have been busily preparing for the Jade Ribbon reusable bag launch at 99 Ranch Market (Cupertino) tomorrow!  That’s one reason why I have been a little MIA in terms of posting on this blog; however, expect a lot of updates from me soon!  But back to the Jade Ribbon bag:  This environmentally-friendly bag is a great way to raise awareness about liver cancer and hepatitis B and build a sustainable community.  The eco-friendly reusable shopping bag, along with hep B educational materials, will be available with every donation of $2 or more to the Jade Ribbon Campaign.  Visit the ALC’s website (http://liver.stanford.edu) for more info!

The Jade Ribbon Campaign reusable bag will be at all ten Northern California 99 Ranch Market Stores.  If you are in SoCal or Washington and want one, let me know and I’ll see if 99 Ranch Market will bring them over there!

Get Involved!

– Join us! Press Conference Kick-Off Celebration
When: Friday, July 24th @ 3:00 PM
Where: Cupertino 99 Ranch Market on 10983 North Wolfe Rd Cupertino, CA 95014
Who: Everyone is invited to come and support the Jade Ribbon Campaign!

Notables: First 100 people to spend $50 in groceries at 99 Ranch Market Cupertino will get a FREE bag!  Come get your picture taken with Miss Asian America!

– Show your support!
Put this image in your EV or FB (wherever you want!) to show your support of tomorrow’s event! 🙂

Use this to show your support! :)

Use this to show your support! 🙂

This project means a lot to me because SC and I have been working really hard on this for over 8 months now, and it’s really exciting to see this all come to fruition.   I still remember when one of my interns EY was still calling for reusable bag quotes – and that was before she went to Oxford for a quarter to study abroad!  I don’t know how to express how very excited I am – there are just so many stakeholders in this project and to see the community come together tomorrow will be incredibly rewarding.  Miss Asian America and Miss Vietnam Northern California Princesses will be out in addition to our fantastic Jade Ribbon Campaign volunteers and supporters.  I’ll see some of my old interns and old friends, and it’s just super heartwarming.  I’m really glad that I’ve decided to stay on with the ALC for a second year to work because it’s only after a year that I’ve been able to see many of the fruits of my work.  Plus, I’ll get to continue to build the relationships that I’ve built over the past year, and once we hire the new Outreach Coordinator, I can work full time on all these exciting corporate ventures.  Cisco has really taken a lead on their own, and I really need to get back on track with our hep B corporate working team!   Another thing I’m excited is about all the ethnic media coverage that has been made, and all the press that will be at the event tomorrow!  World Journal, Sing Tao, Viet Tribune, Korea Times, and Vietnam Daily have just be absolutely fantastic supporters.

The momentum for all this is so energizing, and I hope this momentum will spur people into action to get screened and vaccinated.  The bag’s are not only super practical (I can fit all those vegetables and my wafer crackers in these bags), they’re so great at really getting the Jade Ribbon message out.

Alright, now that I’ve finished revamping the ALC main page with a graphic about the event tomorrow, I need to go print the A-frame signs at Kinkos!

And a big thanks to SC and all my FANTASTIC summer 2009 ALC interns.  TC is actually still here with me at the office preparing all the photo stuff and all the interns have been instrumental in either creating the banner, packing, creating the press packets, the buttons, coordinating volunteers, and all the incredible things that they do.  THANK YOU so much.  This really couldn’t have been done without your help!

More updates soon with social marketing workshop in SF, Myer-Briggs personality tests,  the love of egg tarts and dim sum!, AND the Jade Ribbon dresses that ST is making me!

Thank you for reading!


Authenticity and reaching 10,000

Posted in Hepatitis B and Liver Cancer, Personal Actions by missamyyu on July 17, 2009

Hello Everyone!

Hope this post finds you well, and enjoying the summer. 🙂  Apologies for missing yesterday’s posting, it’s been a pretty crazy week, and the weeks will only get crazier as YLC approaches!  There is so much going on at the ALC that even with 10 full time interns + research assistants, there’s still so many things to do.

Yesterday, I attended my Branding Yourself Strategically class (part of the Stanford Continuing Studies courses I’m taking) and had some good discussion about personal versus brand on blogs/twitters/profiles and what is appropriate for which social media platform.  I believe that if you’re going to use social media to promote a brand or a campaign, there needs to be a balance of personal and brand – a hybrid so to speak – because like Michael Brito and Jeremiah mentioned in my other class, authenticity and transparency are so important.  I agree that the personal part (and disclosing your affiliation with a brand) is important because it allows you to build a rapport with the reader.  Who wants to talk/listen to only a branded logo?  As a reader, I want to be able to connect and relate to a person, not just a logo or brand.  It’s all about creating dialogue with your audience and building trust and reliability.  That’s why I think hybrid profiles are great.  It may not be a right fit for everyone, but as a person who’s grown up accustomed to having my off-line life shared online, I don’t think it’s so much an invasion of privacy, but an extension of expression and demonstration.  Of course, there’s always the context of the platform to consider (e.g. LinkedIn is much more about professional versus Facebook which is more personal), but I still believe that hybrid profiles are the wave of the future.

Okay, off my little soapbox (btw, I hope you can tell how excited I am about social media and Web 2.0 tools.  I think it’s just amazing the versatility and potentiality of using social media!).  I wanted to declare that I hit 10,000 miles on my first car today as I was driving home from the office.  Here’s a snapshot of my car dashboard indicating that I have indeed hit 10,000 miles:

Record of hitting 10,000 miles in my first carRecord of hitting 10,000 miles in my first car

It’s a bit of a milestone considering I’ve had this car for a little over a year now.  Doing outreach has really given me the opportunity to travel all over the Bay Area in my little blue Nissan (nicknamed “Xiao Lan Mantou” – Little Blue Bun).  Just yesterday I traveled in the morning to San Jose to do a site visit at a school where we’ll be collaborating with AACI, ACS, and UCSF to host a Vietnamese screening, and then to Hayward in the afternoon to meet with 99 Ranch to discuss press conference logistics.  In fact, I went to the Cupertino 99 Ranch Market this morning to do a site visit, and will be heading to Milpitas tomorrow to do another site visit for our Korean Church education and screening seminar.  Lots of good times up and down the 280!  Speaking of site visits, today’s visit to the Cupertino 99 Ranch Market was exciting because we talked about the set up for next week’s press conference and saw a lot of the signs that 99 Ranch has generously made to put at each cash register in every Northern California store.  I’m super pumped for this Jade Ribbon reusable bag.  Remember, if you’re free next Friday, July 24th, come out and support at 3:00 PM at the Cupertino 99 Ranch Market!  Miss Asian America, Miss Sacramento, Miss Vietnam Northern California (pending), and many others will be attending to support this great partnership to build healthy communities.  Plus, go shopping for some yummy groceries!

One of my old interns dropped by today and it was great to see him.  🙂  I love when old interns drop by – it’s always good to hear what they’ve been up to and what’s going on in their lives.  The ALC family is such a diverse and truly dedicated group of people, and it’s nice when we can see each other amidst all the busy-ness.

Speaking of ALC family.  Today I held a long-overdue training session, and the turn out was fantastic!  Each time I run a training session, I am reminded about how much I enjoy connecting with people and just talking to them.  I changed the training slides and format quite a bit from my previous slide set to make it more fun and interactive.  I realized that what I need to be doing at these training sessions is to 1) give the facts to those attending, 2) give them an idea of the breadth of opportunities they have to contribute to the Jade Ribbon Campaign, and 3) teach them how to promote awareness about hepatitis B.  I was lacking the teaching people how to promote part in my previous trainings.  In a way, what we are doing when we try to educate others about hepatitis B and liver cancer is bascially marketing and getting people to buy-in.  So, it was a lot of fun to do a mini public speaking discussion.  It certainly brought out some laughs and got people comfortable.  Hopefully, this will better equip our volunteers with how to approach people at our outreach events – it’s certainly a skill that I have had to cultivate over the years, and it’s an important skill to continue to work on.  I was so impressed by everyone’s energy and ethusiasm after the training session and their inspiration to come out to various events – some even asked me about project ideas!  If only I had the time to work with all of them!  Next training session will be in August, and I hope to see some of you there (if not to learn about how you can help to support the fight against hepatitis B and liver cancer, then to at least maybe learn a thing or two about how to promote health issues. :)).

Alright, thanks so much for reading (assuming you haven’t already clicked away), and I hope you found something useful / interesting in today’s post.

Until next time,