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Slicing The Most Famous Brain in Neuroscience

Posted in Of Interest by missamyyu on December 4, 2009

On 12/2, UC San Diego’s The Brain Observatory began slicing the brain of the most famous and most studied neuroscience patient H.M. (Henry Molaison) who had lost his ability to form new memories after an brain operation in 1953 to relieve him of seizures.  You can watch it LIVE at their website. And if you’re curious to learn more about H.M. and his story, visit this nice brief in the NYtimes.

Shout out to all the neuroscience study buddies during college and big thank you to DH for being his enthusiastically-neuroscientific-fantastic self and updating me about it.  And of course, thank you, H.M., for your incredible contribution to the field of neuroscience and our understanding of memory.


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