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Posted in Uncategorized by missamyyu on September 20, 2009

Hepatitis B Outreach Updates

September has been an incredible whirlwind of hepatitis B outreach activities.  I’ve been out at events every weekend this month.  Finished with another Vietnamese screening (we held one in partnership with the Vietnamese Reach for Health Coalition last weekend, which was very successful!) today.  This one was held at a Vietnamese church, and it ran smoothly despite less than expected numbers attending.  However, UP did a good job setting this up and gaining the church’s buy-in, so I’m proud of her work for this summer.

In retrospect, I believe that in order for our outreach projects to be more successful, we’ll need to return to the partnered education and screenings  instead of trying to squeeze ourselves into the Sunday church schedule. Unless we have the entire church’s buy-in, it is difficult to incorporate our education and screening program.

I just heard of two new high school hepatitis B awareness groups that will be forming from students who attended our Youth Leadership Conference in August.  It makes me really excited to hear that we are able to inspire these young leaders to take action in their communities.

SF Treasure Island Dragon Boat Festival (Sept. 26 & 27th) next weekend!  Come out and enjoy the races and stop by our booth for hepatitis B education – or better yet, sign up to volunteer by contacting alcvolunteers@gmail.com

Social Media Fun
I have been fiddling with various social media tools / widgets this past week.  One of my particular favorites is the introduction of TimesPeople on NYTimes.com where I can directly tweet, facebook, digg, etc. articles that I find intriguing.  Plus, I can also recommend articles, and these articles will show up on my TimesPeople profile where those who follow me can read about my suggestions. I think this is a fantastic move for NYTimes to make the news (especially their news articles) much more accessible to others through peer dissemination. You can find me under the handle missamyyu if you ever decide to you use it.

Posterous has also been a newly acquired social media toy that I’m learning how to use. So bear with me as I test out various posterous features.

Had a fun time teaching BC about Twitter, and had a hilarious exchange about retweeting, and how retweeting only applies to those who are alive.  [Note, he’s an author, so that is how we got to talking about retweeting dead individuals like Ernest Hemingway.]

Of Interest
Tried my hand at mashed cauliflower (the healthier alternative to mashed potatoes) the other day.  Tasted pretty good despite my overuse of butter.

Also, in case you missed it, here’s an article “A Doctor for Disease, a Shaman for the Soul” from the NYTimes.com that highlights the win-win outcomes by integrating culturally sensitive programs into healthcare.

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Vietnamese Coalitions

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Hello Reader,

Thanks for reading today.  I cant believe it is already past mid-August!  Been trying to wade through my work email after YLC and the CDC conference – man, they don’t stop coming!  Alright, onto the good stuff:

Hepatitis B and the Jade Ribbon Campaign
The past two days have been meeting days, and I have had the opportunity to work some really great people.  Of note, today, I was invited to the Vietnamese Reach for Health Coalition meeting by CW, and was impressed by the dedication and influence of many of those who were in the room.   The people there are all incredibly committed to improving the lives of those in their communities, and I really want to express how much it inspired me today to see them all in that room.  There were familiar faces, but there were many new ones, and I’m looking forward to learning more about what they do and how the ALC can partner with them to reach the Vietnamese community.

Also worked on some Jade Ribbon Campaign design ideas for a well-known Asian bakery on the west coast, so hopefully the product ideas will be inspiring to them!  Will share when things are more finalized.

Today, in the office, we took some cute pictures of our Jade Ribbon Campaign cows (we do one animal each year in accordance to the Chinese Zodiac – and this year is the ox).  I thought you’d enjoy seeing them.  They were actually inspired through a cow twitpic contest – thanks to CL and TC for rounding up the cows for these photos:

Jade Ribbon Campaign Cows and the Jade Ribbon!

Jade Ribbon Campaign Cows and the Jade Ribbon!

Jade Ribbon Campaign Cows encircling the Jade Ribbon

Jade Ribbon Campaign Cows encircling the Jade Ribbon

Disappointment with Stanford San Francisco Club
I just learned that the Stanford San Francisco Club is endorsing Jenny McCarthy’s group that says that vaccines cause autism in children.  I am just so incredibly disappointed and rather appalled that a Stanford group would endorse such a organization that touts such non-evidence based information and misinforms well-meaning parents.  More on this tomorrow.  I’m a little too tired to express things coherently. Also – if you’re a felow Stanford alumn, and would like to hear more and are interested in what you can do, let me know.

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Crackers, Meetings, and To-Do’s

Posted in Hepatitis B and Liver Cancer, Personal Actions by missamyyu on July 14, 2009

Quick post since it’s already 12:35 AM PST, and I’ve been nodding off for the last two hours.  Mondays are always blurs in my weeks (which in turn are blurs within my months, and so forth), and I’m never quite sure how I get to the end of the day without getting as much accomplished as I had intended.  Had staff meeting today where I took up a good 45 minutes discussing the various projects I was working on, primarily the Jade Ribbon Campaign Ranch 99 grocery bag and describing Youth Leadership Conference (YLC) in detail to the staff.  I think they’re getting excited about YLC and are definitely behind the idea of having Web 2.0 as the team challenge.  Even Dr. S approved!  Had to ask C. to cover for me for Google SF since I’m super swamped this week and I need to devote a lot of time to the press conference and to catching up on YLC.  Just got to shout out to the ALC summer interns because they are a fantastic group of people.  Had lots of meetings today, one right after the other since 10 AM: staff meeting, meeting with CL over YLC, meeting with UP over Vietnamese Community Outreach (which is going to be super exciting come September), meeting with S and Y over AACI and the future of that project.  I hope that the Vietnamese 3 for Life Campaign will work out to help increase awareness about the connection between liver cancer and hepatitis B to the Vietnamese community in Santa Clara County and the need to continue monitoring the disease if you do have it to prevent liver failure / cancer.  S’s steering committee have been pretty dedicated to the AACI cause, and I’m impressed.

Good news on the corporate front: Cisco’s CAAN (Cisco Asian Affinity Network) has done a fantastic job working with HR to make sure that WebEx China doesn’t discriminate against employees with pre-hiring screening.  It’s so exciting to see a large company that cares aout its employees so much.  Hooray!

Okay, now diverging from work mode: I learned from S today that there is this exciting group that he helped form called the “Cracker Committee” that employs rigorous testing to determine what is a cracker and also holds these fabulous events called “Crackerfest.”  Crackerfest is apparently a celebration of crackers and all the spreads, toppings, and (some other word that I am missing) that make them great.  I hope to one day attend such a cracker event!  Crackers, as S said, are so versatile – they can be any meal, and this is so true.  I was labeled a Cracker Associate, and I’m looking forward to greating a cracker badge for myself.

I was supposed to pick up R from the airport today, but apparently her flight was made to turn back to Europe halfway across the Atlantic!  Ridiculous.  Can’t wait to hear about why that happened.

Made pesto pasta with chicken with C. tonight – it was delicious!  And then I gorged on cherries, which were equally delicious.  🙂

And of course, the to-do’s, they never end.  I have always used the sticky note system which ends up with sticky notes ALL over my computer, desk, and monitor.  I also attempted using Google Tasks which worked for about as long as the novelty lasted.  I feel that the things I need to do for work and personal life are never ending, and I’ll just have to keep reaching for another sticky note.   I dread the day when I run out. 🙂

I have Web 2.0 class tomorrow, and I hope to learn some new Web 2.0 social media tool.

Oh, and I do highly dislike ants.  They have returned with a vengeance this summer, and I spent a good portion of my Saturday battling them.